LEGO® - The Siege of Helms Deep
Mind Orchard

Saruman’s Uruk-hai horde has pushed deep into the lands of Rohan, forcing King Théoden and his people to retreat to the stronghold of Helm’s Deep. Faced with the threat of Uruk beserkers, siege ladders and battlement breaches, you must draw on your skills of archery, swordsmanship and axe-wielding to defend the fortress from the Uruk onslaught.

There are 9 levels with 4 playable characters.

We tried to keep it as close to the original story as possible with animated sequences after completing the acts and story slides that are unlocked as you play.

Oh and one more thing… try typing carrot when playing the sword game 😉

I built the game using AS3
Designs and artwork: Mind Orchard